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Papa johns bronx

Date:23 October 2017 | Author: Admin
papa johns bronx

The owner has sworn alligence to the Koch Brothers and their sedition to topple the United States government. I did not receive a write up or anything warning me that my attitude was unacceptable it was basically a boot out the door. We have turned it into our credit card agency which is investigating the charges. The last two times I have ordered pizza from this particular store they were very doughy. br I will not every order another pizza from your company

As I was waiting on my order there was a male worker when I walked in he was on the computer and turn around and started making pizzas did not wash his hands all of a sudden the same worker blew his nose right by the food table then throw the paper towel took two steps and started making pizzas OMG I was sick I yelled to another employee and said he just blew his nose and he did not wash his hands the guy look at me and said he did and said I will talked to him as I was walking out the door they thought it was funny I did not get my money back and you know how many people he will make sick on top of that his hair was hanging down on his face shaking his head from the sweat on his face. She wanted to make me more pizza but it would be another minutes. then gives me his wifes business card and says i could live in his basement for dollars a month. Whichever gentleman I was told his name is Bill Hersey who answered the phone asked if he could place me on hold. I was so upset and the only thing he can offer is the return my money Before he hand me my money he apologized again and told me that its his mistake he read the receipt wrong and that it almost done. they dont bring them and have an attitude when I redirect them back to the store. mY QUESTION TO YOU IS WHAT TO WE DO TO FIND A STORE TO CALL

This is the worst company I have ever worked for in my life. I was a employee at this store for a couple of months. The second time this happened I called the store and spoke with the manager I do not remember the managers name that I spoke with. for Fla. Not that theres anything wrong with that. I told her that would be STEALING on Papa Johns part to take money and not provide a product. She put her own tip in and charged me more. Upon being told of the situation she responds in a very condescending and disrepectful way. I was going to order a pizza then pay cents for a nd onetop and I was going to order the new chocolate cookie so they were going to make much more than if I just ordered a onetop for menu price. This probably wont get printed or it will be taken down shorter after it does but Dominos tastes BETTER than Papa Johns. They refunded my money but I dont think that is sufficient for the insult saying since I live subsidized housing which obviously means nothing but thieves and crooks live here so we are afraid to deliver to your door

I feel as though me telling him that I wasnt interested in him and that I liked woman maybe made him act in ways that he did. Okay. There are too many people dying due to traffic accidents today and tonight could Papa johns in homestead have been another one. My family and I will no longer eat from papa johnsWell I guess if I order a pizza and all I have is panasonic fv-05vq5 a your driver returns to the story with a cold pizzaSept. Now Im turning to Indiana Division of family services to help with my finances. When you call please ask team members to look for a note in system for off. never ever againRussellville Alabama store usingbr out dated products and selling itbr to the customers. As many complaints as papa johns have corporate doesnt care because if they did they would make changed they dont care as long as their pizzas get sold. I wont be ordering from you ever nor will anyone else I tell. So I was disappointed and figured that was that. It saddens me greatly that the world has come to this but we panasonic ag hpx270 cant afford to have an wish you well in your business but it will have to be without us

papa johns bronx

I should be treated with proper respect from them while being on the phonebr I asked the person on the phone a simple question about my pizza and she was very rude to me like I said something bad to her. They direct me to lines that are dead I get sent straight to the voicemail of people who do not call back I get hung up on. I order drinks and extra peppers. I know this takes money however it pam oslie looks bad and is not hygienic. never ever againRussellville Alabama store usingbr out dated products and selling itbr to the customers. After a long day at work coming home and figuring out what to make for supper we decided to Oder pizza. I told him his mgr had just hung up on me and Mr Smith did not seem to care in the panera bread ocala fl least

On at pm called and spoke with Store Manager Courtney about situation and he rudely brushed incident off and stated that Ive already contact corperate so theyll handle it. we ordered pizza. Dallas TX to take advantage of the above special. I then call to have a civil and calm conversation with him and he says I was talking to the gentlemen before you and then you got on the phone when it didnt concern you and then he had the nerve to say I have the right to serve whoever I want Papa Johns needs to reevaluate the people that they allow to own franchisee. Hi my Name is Raul Alonso Internet Manager at Oxnard Mitsubishi in Oxnard Ca

Panera bread brookline ma Schnatter has pampered chef hamburger press to say about his employees acting out like this. No one deserves to be treated that way. I use a walker so getting out to get a pizza isnt what I want to do. It was their mistake and we certainly should not be forced to have to take the drink at this point. My family wanted Pizza Hut and now I look like a dumbass cuz of the service we Papa johns ri recieved and now your manager is being very unprofessional. days I called again but was told again Papa Johns doesnt deliver to Good Shepard. I recently ordered pizza at pm and was denied delivery because the deliver person Perfecto from your store on nd Avenue New York NY refuse to deliver to my door. We are allowed to carry only a very small amount of cash for this very reason. When we got our pizzas they were not well done it was very soggy and had to be eaten with a fork. She was very rude to me and my girlfriend

papa johns bronx

When my husband tastes it he realizes that it was indeed fish. This occurred consecutive times. Ill spare you the details of the three seperate calls over a week span of time. My last letter I got was from my bank saying that if I did not have collision on my plan before it renewed that they would repo my car. Panasonic kx-tg6581 I expect to panera bread mequon hear from someone within hours

  1. October 2017

    I tell him my name and he states that he is going to call the police Are you serious A manager that is yelling at me refused to give me a refund refused to tell me his name and now he is going to call the police. I wash charged for at the tune of. Brad the head manager terminated me because I was late for the first time. Will be sure to make customers aware thru social media. You probably should change this ad and have her wear gloves

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