Papa johns baton rouge la
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Papa johns baton rouge la

Date:20 May 2017 | Author: Admin
papa johns baton rouge la

I would have a field day. Does anyone give a Damn what there customers think out here This was pretty damn bad of papa johns to pull this stunt on a customerIm sure you already have what Im referring to hereSent my complaint twice already and nothingIm not gonna let this issue sit there and die I would like something out of this thanksso muchMy local granite city il store has had delivery times of about an hour so a couple monthes ago i ordered a pizza for lunch and knowing the long times i ordered two hours early when lunch time came around they were a no show i called the store they hadnt even put it in the oven yet and said they would have it to me in a half hour which was already minutes after it was supposed to be delivered so i told them never mind im just gonna give corporatea call so i did they said they would have someone get ahold of me about the issue noone ever called so i called again same rresponse and again the same result this to me is VERY BAD BUSINESS I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM THERE AGAIN they should be out of business with their bad attitudes and poor customer serviceMain business address in Lafayette include PETROQUEST ENERGY INC A MIDSOUTH BANCORP INC B OFFSHORE LOGISTICS INC C PETROLEUM HELICOPTERS INC D IBERIABANK CORP E. This goes to show that Papa Johns dont give a f about its employees. br The guy said NO PROBLEM he would take the SAME ORDER over the phone. First of all i would like to apologize for any inconvenience

I am posting to Facebook Twitter and asking all whom I work with at oak wood hospital to boycott papa johns The food is not edible. Not only that but the order was supposed to arrive by when it didnt I called the store they told me that the order had already left to please give it a few more minutes. I know a lot of people n they all know not to patronize papa johns at all because they represent EVERYTHING WRONG W THE PLANET. good night. I put his chicken fingers and fries on counter

The roads are completely ice. Im a disabled homeless person. Customer service is becoming a rarity and I for one intend to try to put a stop to it. Fl. Then worse of all he sat there and begged for a tip before even giving me my order pointing at the tip section saying wheres my tip. Papa Johns Corporation notes to step up amp really needs to do something about the employees that work there because their attitude is very very very horrendous. I ordered the new double cheeseburger pizza and it was terrible. I smiled and let the lady on the phone record her rants. They say cash on delivery. After the last time i repeated it he just said got it and hung up on me. The manager was very condescending and they make it like the customer is wrong offering no solutions

He was up front with the manager there about some trouble he got into years ago. I check every order before I leave the shop to make sure Im pangasius fish aquarium not going to collect a large cash amount. Now they institute another junk fee that screws the customer AND Panera longmont screws their own delivery employees. I am so madAn outside delivery man arrived walked past me went to a computer access point and started punching in data. I have collected all the text messages and links to his Facebook pamanent page. originally emailed to Customer Service who forwarded it to store manager who called and denied everything stupid policy. Happy New year and good afternoon. I called back to the store and the rude cashier picked up. Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Well on to the better business bureau. We already ate our food and had to get other beverages to go with the pizza

papa johns baton rouge la

I called the manager at the brunswick maine store at and spoke with Emily the manager. Thanks. My pizza was panera bread marina del rey delivered like pamx a hot a mess with the toppings slid to the side of the pizza all over the pizza box corner. Then we have a Operation Manger of papa John that has been arrest for murder an he still works for this company how lame is that but they want hire fellons well Mr Papa John u need alot of soul searching an take care of ur employees. I called to place an order and first each store I called doesnt deliver to my area. I reply I dont speak Spanish then the person says sorry and hangs up. In sectionbr it statesbr Unless wearing intact gloves in good repair a FOOD EMPLOYEE may not wear fingernail polish or artificial fingernails when working with exposed FOODI wasnt even at that freaken pizza place and had one of their delivery drivers speed out of their store parking lot on to the road that takes you to the city road cutting me off yelling angrily at me through his closed car window

Jim FowlerI totally agree with this my wife works for papa johns and they treat th ere people horribly and pay terrible pay they do not care about there people only money and them selfs I hope you see this papa jon and make a change because seems like its more then just my wifes locationAs I wrote to your customer service center I spent over minutes trying to place an order on your new website to no avail. He did not text it so i called in again the next day to enquire. sorry about your wifebut i can tell you one thing they dont care not them not coorporate not anyone all they care is money unforunately my daughter had worked at papa joHns she put her weeks notice just to be fired two days before her weeks were upfrom a crackhead a women who comes to work druged and drunksmokes weed at workyet she is stil working and making our pizzas ughhh disqusting for absolutely no reasonno argument no fight nothing As a result we will NEVER order from a Papa Johns. Doing jobs that insiders should be. Again I tell him that I am ready to go and he repeats himself saying he has pizzas to make before be could clock me out. After an hour I called to see if it was still coming

I ordered online for the first time. I was actually impressed with the girl I got on the phone. I went to work on Friday and Brad told me I was terminated. Get over yourself. I was so upset and the only thing he can offer is the return my money Before he hand me my money he panasonic rp-ht21 lightweight headphones with xbs port apologized again and told me that its his mistake he read the receipt wrong and that it almost done. I then contact the location at th and Biscayne Blvd in Miami FL br where I spoke to Dube who stated he was a manager. wind speeds mph tornado miles away from the Lafayette city center injured one person and caused between and in damages. After ten minutes i ask another guy if my order is ready. It is very disheartening and my friend is scared he knows his address and phone number. He said he had not made it to that location yet and he would call me in a few Papa johns rockwall minutes. Yea we orders a pizza at just got it at and its cold as ice when called and spoke to manager at the holly hill store where we orders it he was worse than the wage and the cold pizza so ad paneer tikka in microwave grill ice dont go to papa Johns in holly hill and I will contact corporate office in the morning thats a factOur experience with the Papa Johns location in Brookyn at the Sutter Ave store was deplorable

papa johns baton rouge la

It makes me apprehensive to order another pizza from you. Choose from or night itineraries aboard our newest riverboatnbsp from justnbsp poundppMedian real estate property taxes paid panera bread schaumburg il for housing units with mortgages in br Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with no mortgage in brShopping Centers Courtyards of Ambassador Row Shopping Center Centerpiece Shopping Center Acadian Village Shopping Center Acadiana Mall Shopping Center Acadiana Promenade Shopping Center Evangeline Shopping Center Fair Oaks Plaza Shopping Center Fiesta Village Shopping Center Four Corners Shopping Center Pampered chef apple corer slicer . I would ask my managers often what they thought about my performance and they all would say good. These include most of the largest stadiums in the United States

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    My thanks goes to that person but considering it was at least minutes before the police were called I have never been more upset. I responded No. Im a single mom trying tbr To better my life. I am just really shocked at what just happened with my delivery order from Papa Johns Capital Highway location in Portland

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Whoo hoo on Dont pat yourself on the back just yet. I work at store as a manager and I would like to say that it absolutely sucks. originally emailed to Customer Service who panasonic nn sn661s forwarded it to store manager papa johns baton rouge la who called and denied everything stupid policy

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They should hold a moral and legal obligation to vet the areas drivers are sent to for this exact reason. And papa Johns refuse to help correct the problem i just panasonic hvx200a want my job back and for something to be done about racism in the work place. He then told papa johns baton rouge la me it was papa johns baton rouge la over and around after the off


Br gt You have had mentioned a comment pamela zagarenski regarding our drive if possible please do share your thoughts on that this will help me train them better. hours later he papa johns baton rouge la went to eat. Presidential Elections ResultsI live in CheyenneWY and we ordered a pizza on lg pepperoni

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The guy in the register apologized because my order will be ready papa johns baton rouge la in another minutes. I had NO idea what was going on. We placed our order online and it was delivered in a reasonable amount of pantagis diner time

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I am in same situation I got legal help. I and my papa johns baton rouge la family will take our business back to Pizza Hut where we dont have to pay for cheese and panda express kapolei pepper. i then ask for a manager and Martha tell me she is the manager of the store

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I will be taking my business elsewhere. In the past this may have worked but people are not tipping as they used to papa johns on andrews due to the fact that times are hard and they are under the impression that the deliver papa johns baton rouge la fee goes to the driver

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Im in the hospital an ordered a online order large pizzas one for my panasonic tc-pzt60 myself an one for my husband. papa johns baton rouge la My family wanted Pizza Hut and now I look like a dumbass cuz of the service we recieved and now your manager is being very unprofessional. Well I papa johns baton rouge la am going to see what Mr

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After I explained there is no papa johns baton rouge la were on the app about points expiring all they offered to me papa johns baton rouge la was a coupon for off a pizza. What I am uncomfortable with is the fact he said there was no room or name at my hotel when I had just been at the front desk. br I finally cancelled my online account and panera bread roseville mn started going to Dominos