Panera birmingham mi
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Panera birmingham mi

Date:1 July 2017 | Author: Admin
panera birmingham mi

I just want to point out that if you are homeless there are few places to cook a meal or money for ice to save any food or fuel to start fire. I then asked the preparer to do not put cheese and she looks at me with a yes no cheese. Panera is entitled to make a profit but I firmly believe that for I should have gotten a better meal and not left starvingI worked for Panera bread in west Melbourne. I did call the Manager she apologize and sending me some coupons in the mail that I will probably give a way

Br I was surprised that your manager passed the buck onto her superiors and did not seem to care at all about my bad experience. The cashier is Richard and our check number is . I went out of my way yesterday to make a special trip to my nearest Panera somewhere around in the afternoon Sunday for a loaf of Sourdough for my son and his girlfriend and for dinner. Talking with the manager does nothing at all and she is rude to boot. Same day orders. That no manager snickers at or finds enjoyment or laughter at the expense of person with a disability

Then she would not let her go back to apply firstaid on her own arm because it was the middle of the day and the rush was still going on. br I am giving you my card number so you can see how often I eat at Panera. This experience has left a very bad impression. br Its management that is not so. Not all My Panera members received the emails about the free pick two or free coffee for May. To start the restaurant was VERY dirty with food all over the floor and tables that have been left dirty for incoming customers. She use her dirty hands to touch the food and puts her hands in her mouth and touches the food again So disgusting She needs to be fired immediately. meanwhile I saw other people slip on same spot until they swept it not mopped and put a sign total time between us complaining minutes We are now not sure if we want to go back as we are scared of another bad experienceMy granddaughter is being punished by the Panera located on Chippewa in St. Guess whatthey screwed up both orders. I came to the site accidentally as I just wanted the corporate address and names of Executive Board. Ive already spoken with a lawyer but I want to give corporate an opportunity to investigate and make things right. You have a horrible worker at the Watertown location. Two loaves of sourdough bread for sale in a very busy location

Br Theyre not the only ones that insist theyll make more money if theres ice on the road. Their managers is rude and just shrugs his shoulder their employees talk like they are on the streets and swear very unprofessional. Today we are here panasonic lumix dmc fz200 digital camera review and the restrooms are dirty the Ice Machine is dirty with black slime behind the ice cube outlet. Too bad you have a manager panasonic ni w810cs that give Panera a bad name. it takes experience over some college education to know how restaurants are run. He started eating his sandwich and then said wait a minute isnt my turkey bacon bravo suppose to have bacon on it he picked through all layers of his half sandwich to make sure he didnt miss a small piece of bacon. I call in delivery order. Additionally I order for meetings. I waited more than minutes in the drivethru lane of the Panera on Fallon Road in Dublin. WOW you Panola college phone number must be such an important person and one that doesnt hesitate to share their inflated sense of importance

panera birmingham mi

This also exists in other food establishments. I have to tell you the salad I had selected was not only delicious but I did not find a wilted or browned piece of lettuce in the entire thing. br We are constantly amazed at how often the store runs out of bagels. I called back minutes later to say I felt they should compensate me in some way since they messed up. After a lengthy period of no response from my online query I received a reply that indicated a total lack of comprehension of what the word vegan means no animal ingredients plain and simple. papa john's pizza toronto Thursday July went and got a bagel pack with tubs ofcream cheeses

I hope youll take action to rectify this problem. I was elated to have a Panera within short driving distance of our home. They will not really help you when you ask a simple question. I Love Panera Bread in San Diego Ca. My reaction was obviousTake it to the GM

I didnt like any of the other choices and just ordered a sandwich. I spoke to another customer care specialist today. I dont need your shitty food and you and your stock holders dont need my money. br I did call the store where I had mistakenly placed my order. pandora sutton coldfield And on top of that I was asked to leave the location and never come back. okay now you are going to give us a free order. I contacted Linda to see if I can come back but unfortunately not eligible Panera locations omaha for rehire. They close at on Sundays. And now I have people at work saying that I quit but I didnt

panera birmingham mi

These are jet black and rock hard they are not edible at all. I dont know how they keep employees at this establishment. I ordered the You Pick Two pancho villa clarksville tn selection. Rippppppppppppppppppppp Offffffffffffffffff Ordering is easy. I am going to honor your request by Pantech pbr 46a not entering any of your locations by myself or with my family. I hope to hear from you soon

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    And low and behold another piece of paper or wrapper or whatever the hell it is was left on his sandwich. I have stage four Parkinsons I have very apparent tremors my head shakes and I have lost the ability in my face to show normal emotion. Cant something be done about this mans behaviorI worked for the Panera in Woodburn OR and have since before it opened last year. I have been wanting to write this for months

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